Leasing & Financing

Financing Ziel Radio Frequency Equipment Is Easy.

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Ziel will work on your behalf with pre-screened financing partners already familiar with our technology and ready to finance your equipment.

Ziel charges no extra or hidden fees for this service.

As your partner, we want to help you get a unit and start saving money today.

Ready to get started?

We will need a couple of things from you:

  • Credit application
  • Personal Financial Statement
  • Two Years of Tax Returns
  • 3 months of your latest bank statements
  • A signed Ziel Equipment Term Sheet that includes your consent for Ziel to act on your behalf, linked here.

If you'll need a loan over $300,000, we will need a bit more information in addition to the list above: 

  • One year of financial statements (Personal & Business)
  • Current year interim financials
  • Personal financial statement 
  • Debt schedule
  • Equipment purchases justification.

If you’re ready to apply to finance your Ziel unit, reach out to us directly at finance@ziel.com to start the process.

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