Our Process

Our full-service onboarding process and continuing support ensure you receive the results you expect from your APEX for the lifetime of our partnership. We don’t do add-ons or membership packages.

What You Can Expect From Our Partnership

Starting with our initial conversation, here’s what it looks like to partner with Ziel.

Discovery Call

We’re all ears

During our first conversation, we’ll engage in a mutual NDA. Here, we’ll share about our operation and gather pertinent information about yours so everyone’s on the same page.

  • Pain point discussion. Are failing harvests costing you money? Is ionizing radiation damaging your brand? We’ll discuss everything the APEX can address in your business.
  • Timeline review. We can have an APEX anywhere in North America in 5-7 days or Europe in 3 weeks. We’ll make sure you reach your product-to-market goals.
  • Knowledge share. We’ll walk you through the basics of Radio Frequency and microbiology so you know exactly how your business and brand benefit from our non-ionizing radiation solution.

Facility + CoA Review

Let’s talk details

With pain points and timelines established, we’ll take a deep dive into your CoAs and cultivation site to determine how the APEX fits into your operation.

  • Local compliance review. We’ll examine your CoAs and local regulatory framework to ensure that APEX’s microbial pathogen log reduction achieves regulatory compliance.
  • Site plan review. APEX doesn’t require any facility modifications. We simply review your site plans or architectural drawings and your SOPs to determine the best location for process flow. We’ll also review your facility’s electrical profile and can provide transformer/voltage stabilizer packages if necessary.

Term Sheet + Site Visit

Defining the commercial terms

Next, we’ll define the details of your goals with APEX as well as your purchasing terms. You’ll also be invited to one of our existing clients’ facilities to see the APEX in action.

  • Term sheet discussion. This talk will outline the Commercial Terms for you to circulate among your internal Stakeholders. The Term Sheet includes APEX costs, shipping terms, taxes, and payment schedule, among other details. We’ll also reserve an APEX for you in our inventory while you arrange to speak or meet one of our customers.
  • Customer site visit.You’ll get boots on the ground at one of our clients’ facilities to see the APEX, ask questions, and learn firsthand how non-ionizing radiation has improved their operation. If an on-site visit doesn’t work with your schedule, we’re happy to set you up on a video call with one of our clients.

After this step, we’ll prepare an Equipment Purchase Agreement or Lease for your review.



Meet the team

Here, we bring your facilities, operations and quality control team together with our VP of Operations and VP of R&D, who will be responsible for your Installation & Commissioning.

  • Shipping and delivery discussion. Trucks, crates, doorways, forklifts—no matter what may be necessary, we’ll make sure there are no hiccups once your APEX arrives for unpacking and assembly.
  • Commissioning. We’ll talk through which strains and how many pounds to set aside for your first few runs with the APEX, as well as testing protocols, treatment recipes and training on the machine.

APEX Installation

Let’s get to work

All of your hard work pays off with the delivery and installation of your APEX. We’ll be with you every step of the way.

  • On-site installation. Once the machine arrives, Ziel’s own site technicians (we never use 3rd parties) unpack and install your APEX over the course of two days.
  • Training + treatment recipe review. With the machine installed, our Commissioning Team trains your machine operators on the APEX. Pre-treatment and post-treatment samples are sent to your independent lab to evaluate the efficacy of the treatment recipes before you begin commercial operation.

Continuing Support

We are Partners.

Our work with you is just beginning. You’ll be hearing from us regularly.

  • Customer success monthly meetings. For the first year of operation, we’ll meet once a month to review your data. We’ll help you enhance your operations by integrating APEX with your ERP system, review your recent CoAs, and provide you with real-time data on product quality and operational efficiency.
  • GMP preparation. If you’re looking to get GMP- or EU GMP-certified, we’ll help you with the necessary documentation and prepare you for the audit process. APEX is compliant with GMP and EU GMP guidelines as well as FDA standards for certified organic operations.
  • Ongoing check-ins. After the first year, you’ll have a complete understanding of your data and your machine, but we’ll still be available to you whenever you need us in case anything pops up.

Pass compliance and achieve your product-to-market goals with Ziel by your side.