We harvest Weekly.  How Much Can the APEX Process Annually?
  • Up to 6 lbs / cycle
  • 2-3 cycles per hour
  • 7 hrs / day (can operate all three shifts)
  • 365 workdays a year
  • ~30,000 -45,000 lbs / per annum

We Harvest Outdoors.  How Much Can the APEX Process in a Month?
  • 6 LBS / cycle
  • 2-3 cycles per hour
  • 24 hrs / day
  • ~480 lbs /day * machines capability
  • ~14,400 lbs / per month


What Is the Purchase Price Of APEX?
  • $304,000 USD
  • Shipping not included
  • Local and State Sales Taxes apply.
  • Ziel is a Canadian GST Registrant and holds an EU VAT registration (Germany).

What’s Included in The APEX Purchase Price?

Ziel provides a turn-key solution for customers.  Every new APEX machine comes with 1-year warranty. Installation and Commissioning are performed on-site by a Ziel technician.  We also include 6 months of complimentary consulting services, allowing you access to our Engineering and R&D teams.  The only thing not included is shipping from our Fresno, CA facility.  We can also ship directly from Europe, where our APEX is manufactured.

Warranty And Extended Warranty Plans

Let’s face it.  Things break.

Ziel provides a 1-year limited warranty on parts and service.

Extended warranties are also available for purchase which can extend your service and parts warranty up to 3 years from date of purchase of a new APEX system.

Ziel keeps a supply of critical spare parts in our Fresno, CA, service center.  We can also source parts in 2-3 days from our manufacturing partner in Europe.

All service is performed by Ziel staff.  We do not engage 3rd parties for service.  We travel the world.

Does Ziel Provide Finance or Lease Options?

Ziel works with XS Financial, a 3rd-party company that provides financing options for Ziel customers.  We’d be happy to make an introduction.


What is the Delivery Time?

Ziel maintains inventory in Fresno, CA, and is resupplied monthly from our manufacturer in Europe.  We ship within 2 days of release of order and can generally reach anywhere in North America within 5-7 days.

We can also ship from our manufacturer in Europe directly to your facility by ocean cargo. Shipment times vary, but plan on 4-6 weeks.

Is Shipping Included?

No.  We quote Incoterms 1990 EXW Fresno, CA USA or EXW Nove, Italy.

Can Ziel Arrange Shipping?

Yes.  We offer DDP or DAP, which will include pickup, shipping, customs, import duties, and delivery by air shipment to the customer’s designated location.  We charge a 10% admin fee over actual costs.

What Are the Shipping Dimensions?

Crate 1:   W 5’-6.84”, H 6’-9.48”, L 9’-6.00"

Gross Weight: 2,650 lb

Crate 2:   W 5’-6.84", H 5’-5.64", L 8’-3.38”

Gross Weight: 1,810 lb

What is the APEX footprint?

2800 mm (L) x 1520 mm (W) x 3110 mm (H)

9’3” (L) x 5’0” (W) x 10’3” (H)

Who Will Set Up APEX On-Site?

Ziel provides a turn-key solution of Installation & Commissioning included in your purchase price.

Ziel’s Installation & Commissioning team will have a coordination meeting with your Facilities and Quality Assurance teams, ideally at least 4 weeks in advance of shipment arrival.  An install date is then mutually agreed upon for Ziel’s field service technician to unpack, site, and install the APEX – usually completed in 2 days.

Commissioning begins immediately after Installation.  Processing Cannabis in parallel with operator training will take an additional 2 days.

What Training Is Provided to Operate the APEX ?

Training occurs in two stages.  Advance training occurs prior to Installation.  Ziel has developed a suite of online training videos for operators and management covering APEX operation and maintenance, preparing product for processing, as well as a basic primer on microbiology and Radio Frequency.  The training videos are accessed on Ziel’s website and should be completed in advance to APEX’s Installation.

Hands-on operator training with Ziel’s Field Service Technician supplements the online videos and takes place during Commissioning over 2 days.


What Are the Power Requirements of APEX?

480 VAC, 3-phase, 50-60Hz.  30 A current draw; we recommend a 40 A breaker.

A dedicated disconnect is required near the machine, fused with 40 A fuses is preferred. If a 40 A breaker already exists at the supply panel, then a simple disconnect near the machine is suitable.

What Types of Electrical Configurations Can APEX Accommodate?

APEX currently comes with the ability to accept 3-Phase 480 VAC 60 Hz or 3-Phase 400 VAC 50 Hz. If a potential customer has a voltage different from the listed requirements, they can install a step-up or step-down transformer to reach the required voltage. Ziel can assist in the design specification and can also provide transformer / voltage stabilizer packages in your purchase order.

Will We Require Stabilization Transformers?

We will require it only if the voltage is outside of the +5% tolerance, which means voltage is allowed to go above or below the nominal voltage by up to 5%. For example, if the nominal supply is 480 V, the voltage must fall between 456 V and 504 V.  A voltage stabilizer unit automatically adjusts the voltage to stay within the required range. Ziel can assist in the design specification and can also provide transformer / voltage stabilizer packages in your purchase order.

Are There Special Facility Requirements?

No. Only power is required. APEX requires no HVAC or other special preparation at the facility.

Can APEX Be Integrated into A GMP Facility?

Yes - we have several APEX installations that have successfully gone through GMP certification.   Ziel can provide supporting documentation packages for your GMP Audit.