APEX is the cannabis industry’s premier non-ionizing and cost-effective solution for microbial pathogen reduction in cannabis & hemp.

Ensuring cultivators pass regulatory compliance with confidence

APEX technology is chemical-free and suitable for organic operations. 

Why Radio Frequency is Superior

When 55% U.S. consumers say America’s approach to agricultural production is on the wrong track, we’ve been helping you get it on the right track since 2008.

The solution is APEX 7

Every company needs a remediation strategy - and a solution that meets the needs of all internal stakeholders.

Improve Your Bottom Line

If you don’t have a remediation strategy in place or are using an expensive third-party solution, find out how much your cannabis operation can save with APEX.

Our technology

RF works by creating an oscillating electromagnetic field between two electrodes in the APEX cavity. Operating at a 27.12 MHz frequency level, polar water molecules contained in the natural moisture of the cannabis rotate 27 million times per second, generating friction and thus the heat necessary to kill microbial pathogens. The long radio wave profile penetrates uniformly throughout the flower, creating ‘volumetric heat,’ as opposed to traditional thermal heating. Ziel’s proprietary process settings, administered by a Siemens PLC/HMI system, precisely control heat in real time via temperature probes, reducing targeted microbials to safe levels, without compromising the flower’s potency, terpene profile, or sensory qualities.

Yeast & Mold

The ideal growing environment for cannabis and hemp is also the ideal environment for yeast and mold to flourish. High yeast and mold counts are a primary reason for regulatory microbial compliance failure in cannabis and hemp flower. Products that fail regulatory testing impair top-line revenue, increase risk of product recalls, and can jeopardize a cultivator’s license.

Easy to Operate

APEX’s HMI user interface consists of easy-to-use menus of preprogrammed processing formulas, developed by Ziel staff on-site with your team. The system monitors the progress and temperature of each treatment to provide real-time user feedback. Data logs are generated automatically to assist in quality control monitoring and reporting. Optional remote monitoring and software upgrades are available via a standard internet connection.

Since APEX requires no additional supplies other than electricity, there are no chemicals or waste products for disposal. The system has a low operating cost, consumes energy efficiently, is safe to operate, and environmentally friendly.

Technical Requirements

Product Applications Cannabis and Hemp flower
Throughput Treats up to 6 kg / 15 lb per hour
Processing Time Treatment time per batch: 20 to 30 minutes
RF Power 7 kW
Electrical Requirements 400/480 VAC +/-5%, 3-Phase + ground, 50/60 Hz, 32/38 A connected load
Codes & Standards CE mark; UL and CSA compliant FCC compliant
System Dimensions 2800 mm (L) x 1520 mm (W) x 3110 mm (H) 9’-3” (L) x 5’-0” (W) x 10’-3” (H)
Gross Weight 821 kg / 1,810 lbs
Material Construction Food grade stainless steel construction
Operating Environment Indoor location, well ventilated room 15° C to 40° C (59° F to 104° F) Relative humidity 10% to 90% non-condensing environment
Life Expectancy 20+ year major structural equipment
Warranty 3 years OEM limited parts & labor
Manufactured Italy


“We were failing 40% of our microbial testing.  Since introducing APEX into our operations in 2018, and partnering with Ziel, it has been a game changer.  We run 100% of our premium flower through the APEX, pass our testing with confidence, and retain quality to the highest level. APEX enabled us to change our entire business, increasing market share, revenue and profitability.”



Los Sueños Farms

“We integrated four APEX units into our SOP's beginning in 2016. The APEX system is an integral component in our success as the largest cannabis farm in the United States.”



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