Cannabis Remediation Using Radio Frequency

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Ziel is the industry leader providing next-generation customized solutions that reduce microbial pathogens in cannabis and food products using radio frequency, an organic, non-ionizing thermal process.

With more than 15 years of experience reducing microbial pathogens in an FDA-approved organic process, we are the only remediation solution for cannabis that knows microbiology inside and out.

We ensure cannabis cultivators meet state regulatory compliance with a 99.9% effective pass rate for microbial testing while maintaining the highest product quality.

Why is Radio Frequency the Best Way to Remediate Your Cannabis?

Get Clean Cannabis

If you have challenges consistently passing testing and want an organic approach that will create customer confidence and won’t impact your product quality, contact Ziel for more information.

Ziel’s APEX 7 Cannabis Remediation Solution

If you want to increase your passing of microbial testing, improve your financial results, and retain customer loyalty through best practices and an FDA-approved organic technology - you’ve found your solution.

Ziel’s APEX 7 is a scalable solution that will grow as your business grows.

Ziel’s 3-year warranty and turn-key solution includes installation, training, commissioning and ongoing support from our customer success team for your first 6 months to get you in steady state. Working with your team, we monitor performance remotely and analyze your COAs to optimize results through continual engagement.

Ziel’s Has the Experience

You’ve worked hard to grow the highest quality product. Don’t throw it away with an overly aggressive remediation solution. Ziel’s APEX uses Radio Frequency, a non-ionizing, chemical-free technology and FDA-approved organic process used for years in the food industry.

We’ve been in the food business for over 15 years and have leveraged that experience into the cannabis industry. We’ve spent the last 6 years validating the efficacy of Radio Frequency for cannabis remediation.

Tailored Cannabis Solutions for Operations of All Sizes

Ziel does not sell equipment. We sell solutions, tailored to each customer based on their starting COAs, and their business goals. Whether it's addressing starting high microbial counts, or scaling your throughput, we have a business solution to meet your needs.

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Questions about Radio Frequency Technology

Why Do I Even Need to Incorporate Remediation Into My Business?

Microbial pathogens are a reality in every cultivation and post-harvesting operation. State testing standards will only tighten as the industry matures, which will increase the probability that a percentage of your crop will fail testing. Remediation will raise your harvest yields, enabling you to sell more product at the highest price. Forward-thinking cultivators seek to future-proof and protect their business.

Any business that manufactures or grows products for human consumption will have Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) that ensure quality and consumer safety. In the food industry, a ‘microbial kill step’ is standard for reducing or eliminating microbial pathogens. For instance, all milk products are pasteurized through a kill step integrated into their SOPs.

Radio Frequency uses non-ionizing radiation, which is a thermal process. Radio Frequency is used to operate our cell phones. Ionizing radiation - such as photonic decontamination, X-Ray, gamma, and e-beam alter the product at the molecular level, and sterilizes the product, killing the plant's natural enzymatic properties, impacting natural aroma.

In 99% of cases, there is no impact to the sensory qualities of the product. Customers who have tried other technologies complain about an after smell with ozone, or that the product has lost its natural smell after treatment with ionizing X-Ray or gamma.

Through our customized software and process settings, treatments can be tailored for a ‘light touch’, or increased to reduce the highest microbial
starting counts to reach regulatory compliance.  Ionizing X-Ray and gamma are nuclear options that sterilize your product, killing all the enzymatic properties of your flower, and flattening its smell. With Ziel’s thermal process, you get microbial reduction and preserve the natural qualities of the flower.

Keeping Total THC at its highest level is a priority.  Based on thousands of runs across hundreds of strains and dozens of customers, the Delta 9 THC average is 1.77%

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