The APEX is a versatile, standalone disinfestation and pasteurization system for nuts & seeds.

Radio Frequency for Nuts & Seeds

Developed in partnership with STALAM, the global leader in Radio Frequency technology, the APEX 85 effectively reduces Salmonella by a 3 to 5 log kill without impacting product sensory qualities.

Why Radio Frequency is Superior

Contrary to conventional thermal processing, RF penetrates evenly throughout a product and the process final temperature can be precisely controlled. It is also an organic, non-ionizing process. 

3-5 Log Kill Reduction

Designed and manufactured in partnership with the global leader in radio frequency technology, STALAM, the Apex 85 combines the precision of radio frequency technology with Ziel’s proprietary process solutions to effectively eliminate Salmonella, E. coli, and other microbial pathogens in nuts and seeds. APEX 85 easily integrates into automated processes and effectively reduces microbial pathogens without the use of chemicals, ionizing radiation, or steam, making a superior application for food products.

Our Technology

RF works by creating an oscillating electromagnetic field between two electrodes in the APEX 85’s processing chamber.  Operating at a 27.12 MHz frequency level, polar water molecules contained in the natural moisture of the product rotate 27 million times per second, generating friction and thus the heat necessary to kill microbial pathogens.  The long radio wave profile penetrates uniformly throughout the product, creating ‘volumetric heat,’ as opposed to traditional thermal heating.  

Easy to Operate

APEX 85’s HMI user interface consists of easy-to-use menus of preprogrammed processing recipes, developed by Ziel on-site with your team.  The system monitors the progress and temperature of each treatment to provide real-time user feedback.  Data logs are generated automatically to assist in quality control monitoring and reporting.  Optional remote monitoring and software upgrades are available via a standard internet connection.

Technical Requirements

Product Applications Nuts and Seeds
Processing Capacity Treats up to 725-1200 kg/hr (1600-2700 lbs/hr)*
RF Power 85 kW
Wash Water Up to 60 gallons per minute
Chilled Water 23° C (75° F ) water, ~20 Tons (40,000 lbs) of Refrigeration
RF Processing Time Treatment time per batch: 20-30 minutes
Electrical Requirements 400/480 VAC +/- 5% | 50/60 Hz | 3-Phase + Ground | ~500/430 A Connected Load
Codes & Standards CE mark; UL and CSA compliant FCC compliant
System Dimensions 21.9 m (L) x 2.4 m (W) x 3.3 m (H) 72' (L) x 8' (W) x 11' (H)d
Compressed Air Requires clean, dry, oil free compressed air at 7 bar (min)
Standard Baseline System Infeed hopper, metal detector, RF generator(s), product holding and cooling section, chiller for cooling RF generator, remote monitoring system (EWON) and SCADA
Regulatory Compliance Food-grade components in all commodity contact areas
Material Construction Food grade stainless steel product contact surfaces, with painted steel support structure
Operating Environment Indoor location, well ventilated room 15° C to 40° C (59° F to 104° F) Relative humidity: 10% to 90% non-condensing environment
Other Equipment Pre-wet section - dependent on the product to be treated
Warranty 1 year limited parts & labor
Manufactured Italy


“It’s pretty exciting to be one of the first almond processors in the country, if not in the world, to use this technology, especially since we’re so heavily
into organic almonds”



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