RFX Throughput

  • We harvest Weekly.  How Much Can the RFX Process Annually?
    • Up to 2.5 kg / 5.5 lb /cycle
    • 2-3 cycles per hour
    • 7 hrs /day (can operate all three shifts)
    • 365 workdays a year
    • ~30,000 -45,000 lb / per annum
  • We Harvest Outdoors.  How Much Can the RFX Process in a Month?
    • 2.5 kg /5.5 lb/cycle
    • 2-3 cycles per hour
    • 24 hrs / day
    • ~480 lb /day * machines capability
    • ~14,400 lb / per month
  • What Is the Purchase Price Of RFX?
    • $340,000 USD
    • Shipping not included
    • Local and State Sales Taxes apply.
    • Ziel is a Canadian GST Registrant and holds an EU VAT registration (Germany).
  • What’s Included in The RFX Purchase Price?

    Ziel provides a turn-key solution for customers. Every new RFX machine comes with 1-year warranty. Installation and Commissioning are performed on-site by a Ziel technician. We also include 6 months of complimentary consulting services, allowing you access to our Engineering and R&D teams. The only thing not included is shipping from our Fresno, CA facility. We can also ship directly from Europe, where our RFX is manufactured.

  • Warranty And Extended Warranty Plans

    Let’s face it. Things break.

    Ziel provides a 1-year limited warranty on parts and service.

    Extended warranties are also available for purchase which can extend your service and parts warranty up to 3 years from date of purchase of a new RFX system.

    Ziel keeps a supply of critical spare parts in our Fresno, CA, service center. We can also source parts in 2-3 days from our manufacturing partner in Europe.

    All service is performed by Ziel staff. We do not engage 3rd parties for service. We travel the world.

  • Does Ziel Provide Finance or Lease Options?

    Ziel works with several financial companies that provide financing options for Ziel customers. We’re happy to make an introduction.

  • What is the Delivery Time?

    Ziel maintains inventory in Ceder Rapids, IA and is resupplied monthly from our manufacturer in Europe. We ship within 2 days of release of order and can generally reach anywhere in North America within 5-7 days.

    We can also ship from our manufacturer in Europe directly to your facility by ocean cargo. Shipment times vary, but plan on 4-6 weeks.

  • Is Shipping Included?

    No. We quote Incoterms 1990 EXW Cedar Rapids, IA USA or EXW Nove, Italy.

  • Can Ziel Arrange Shipping?

    Yes. We offer DDP or DAP, which will include pickup, shipping, customs, import duties, and delivery by air shipment to the customer’s designated location. We charge a 10% admin fee over actual costs.

  • What Are the Shipping Dimensions?

    Crate 1: W 2005mm (6'7"), H 2270mm (7'6"), L 1700mm (5'7)

    Gross Weight: 1,310 kg (2,888 lb)

    Net Weight: 2,380 kg (2,380 lb)

  • What is the RFX footprint?

    W 1300mm (51"), H 2633mm (103"), L 1490mm (58")

  • Who Will Set Up RFX On-Site?

    Ziel provides a turn-key solution of Installation & Commissioning included in your purchase price.

    Ziel’s Installation & Commissioning team will have a coordination meeting with your Facilities and Quality Assurance teams, ideally at least 4 weeks in advance of shipment arrival. An install date is then mutually agreed upon for Ziel’s field service technician to unpack, site, and install the RFX – usually completed in 2 days.

    Commissioning begins immediately after Installation. Processing Cannabis in parallel with operator training will take an additional 2 days.

  • What Training Is Provided to Operate the RFX ?

    Training occurs in two stages. Advance training occurs before Installation. Ziel has developed a suite of online training videos for operators and management covering RFX operation and maintenance, preparing product for processing, as well as a basic primer on microbiology and Radio Frequency. The training videos are accessed on Ziel’s website and should be completed in advance to RFX's Installation.

    Hands-on operator training with Ziel’s Field Service Technician supplements the online videos and takes place during Commissioning over 2 days.

  • What Are the Power Requirements of RFX?

    240VAC, 1-phase, 50-60Hz. 70 Amps, Frequency Tolerance +/-2%

  • What Types of Electrical Configurations Can RFX Accommodate?

    RFX currently comes with the ability to accept 1-Phase 240 VAC 50-60 Hz. If a potential customer has a voltage different from the listed requirements, they can install a step-up or step-down transformer to reach the required voltage. Ziel can assist in the design specification and can also provide transformer/voltage stabilizer packages in your purchase order.

  • Will We Require Stabilization Transformers?

    We will require it only if the voltage is outside of the +/-2% tolerance, which means voltage is allowed to go above or below the nominal voltage by up to 2%. Ziel can assist in the design specification and can also provide transformer/voltage stabilizer packages in your purchase order.

  • Are There Special Facility Requirements?

    No. Only power is required. RFX requires no HVAC or other special preparation at the facility.

  • Can RFX Be Integrated into A GMP Facility?

    Yes - Ziel can provide supporting documentation packages for your GMP Audit.