\ˈzēl \ noun: target, purpose, aim, goal | origin: German

At Ziel we target pathogens.

Our customized, organic food safety process systems and solutions have saved each of our clients millions of dollars annually for nearly two decades. We target and eliminate microbial pathogens so you can hit your goals.

Ziel was founded in 2008 with the first Radio Frequency mold remediation tech to hit the market. What started as a company focused strictly on decontaminating nuts, seeds, dates, and prunes quickly blossomed to also include cannabis operators in 2015.

Since then, we’ve been granted the first-ever U.S. Patent for processes that include the treatment of cannabis with Radio Frequency, the Patented use of Radio Frequency Technology to remediate cannabis in Canada, and we’re now the leading technology choice for European operators seeking a non-ionizing kill step to integrate into their GMP-certified operations.

Who We Serve

Our proprietary remediation technology is designed specifically for dates and prunes, nuts and seeds, and cannabis and hemp. Because Radio Frequency mold remediation uses no chemicals or ionizing radiation, we can seamlessly integrate into organic, GMP-, and EU GMP-certified operations without changing, damaging, or degrading product quality, so you can get the highest yield out of each harvest.

Our Approach

Like our tech, our approach is custom to your business. Our experts work with your team to discuss your business’s needs. We assess your current microbial profile, design tailored processing formulas specific to your crop’s profile, and collect data on each remediation cycle you run to ensure you consistently achieve the results you need. When you partner with us, you get more than just a remediation machine. You get a custom solution backed by a team of scientists and engineers who will eliminate the issue of microbial failure from your business.

Our Reach

Our worldwide footprint spans 5 continents, covering growers and processors in nuts, seeds, dates,
prunes, cannabis, and hemp.

Our Team

Radio Frequency has been safely decontaminating, remediating, and pasteurizing agricultural products since 2008. With that technology, we’ve assembled a global team of engineers, food scientists, microbiologists, and operations and business professionals with diverse experiences and skill sets to meet your needs.


Arthur de Cordova

CEO & Co-Founder

Arthur de Cordova is responsible for all Sales & Marketing activities and manages administrative functions including Financial and Legal Affairs.

Meghen Quinn

Chief Marketing Officer

Meghen Quinn leads and manages Ziel’s marketing, responsible for strategy, overseeing market research, and executing the organization’s marketing activities across sales channels. 

Parastoo Yaghmaee, Ph.D.

VP, Scientific & Regulatory Affairs

Dr. Yaghmaee leads R&D activities in the application of radio frequency and microwave technologies for the disinfection and disinfestation in Ziel’s food and cannabis segments. Dr. Yaghmaee is a member of ASTM’s Committee D37, charged with developing cannabis standards and guidelines. 

Vincent Chun, Ph.D.

Chief of Technology

Dr. Chun is Ziel’s Data Scientist, and he advises on process development and improvement with Radio Frequency and microwave-based pathogen reduction systems.

Nate Smalley

VP of Operations

Nate Smalley is responsible for Operations, which include Logistics, Warehouse Operations, and managing Ziel’s customer Field Service & Maintenance.

Neil Stevens

Field Service Engineer

Neil is a Field Service engineer at Ziel, servicing new and existing customers, bringing over 35 years of engineering and project management.

Camille DeGabrielle

Sales & Marketing

Camille leads Ziel’s Latin American Sales generation and is often the first point of contact for new customers, and is responsible for developing and designing Ziel’s Digital Marketing, building brand identity, and managing Ziel’s UX.

Robert Courtney

Board Member

Bob Courtney is CEO and General Counsel of Retail Impulse Group. With both JD and MBA degrees, Bob has over 30 years of global executive transactional and board experience.

Arthur de Cordova

CEO & Co-Founder

Arthur de Cordova is responsible for all Sales & Marketing activities and manages administrative functions including Financial and Legal Affairs.

Zakiul Kabir

Board Member & Co-Founder

Zakiul (Zaki) Kabir was previously COO of Ziel (2020-2023), responsible for all company activities that drive customer success, ensuring customers consistently achieve regulatory compliance and meet their quality objectives.

Andrew "Andy" Lock

Board Member

Andrew "Andy" Lock brings over 30 years' experience in the banking industry and more recent cannabis M&A and capital fundraising. In 2021 he negotiated the sale of Los Sueños Farms, the country's largest outdoor grow, to Curealeaf for roughly $70 million. 


Our History

  • 2008
    In 2008, Radio Frequency remediation IP developed by the University of California, Davis was officially commercialized under our original name, RF Biocidics. The initial application of this tech was to pasteurize tree nuts. From there, we grew into seeds, dates, and prunes.
  • 2015
    Seven years later, we expanded into cannabis companies with Los Sueños Farms. As one of the largest cannabis farms in the United States, they needed remediation technology that could keep up with their product volume. Radio Frequency was the only safe technology that could.
  • 2016
    Less than a decade after we started, our Radio Frequency pasteurizer won the Sacramento Region Innovation Awards in the Food & Agribusiness category.
  • 2017
    The following year, Ziel completed a management buyout, and RF Biocidics officially became Ziel.
  • 2020
    In 2020, we were awarded the first-ever patent by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for processes that include using Radio Frequency technology for microbial reduction in cannabis. (U.S. Patent No 10,517,308) Read more about our patent here.
  • 2023
    Ziel launched its Authorized Tolling Partner Program, allowing APEX customers to offer remediation as a service to 3rd parties.