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Microbial screening is required by most states in the United States and across the board in Canada & European countries.


saved annually using the APEX 7


average microbial fail rate for flower


microbial pass rate using APEX 7

Using the precision of radio frequency technology combined with Ziel’s patented process solutions, APEX 7 reduces microbial pathogens to meet regulatory compliance without compromising product quality. 

Remediation helps cultivators pass regulatory compliance

Yeast and mold, two types of fungus, are different in every geographic region and can vary based upon humidity, rainfall, air moisture and other environmental factors. Similarly, yeast grows alongside mold and is typically present should mold growth begin.

In addition to the health risks associated with ingesting cannabis contaminated with mold, cultivators can fail regulatory compliance testing requirements or experience a recall based on exceeding microbial levels set by their local regulatory agencies.

Cannabis that fails testing will reduce your profitability

Safeguard your company's license and integrity by choosing to remediate your product. Use our calculator by clicking on the link below to see how you can maximize your profits by choosing to remediate with the APEX 7.

Watch the APEX in Action

Click on the video to the right to watch the APEX 7 in action at Los Sueños Farms, located in Pueblo, Colorado.

Los Sueños Farms

“We integrated four APEX units into our SOP's beginning in 2016. The APEX system is an integral component in our success as the largest cannabis farm in the United States.”



Tahoe Hydro

“We were failing 40% of our microbial testing.  Since introducing APEX into our operations in 2018, and partnering with Ziel, it has been a game changer.  We run 100% of our premium flower through the APEX, pass our testing with confidence, and retain quality to the highest level. APEX enabled us to change our entire business, increasing market share, revenue and profitability.”



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