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Written by Sepehr Achard

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Key Takeaways:

  1. GMP Certification for Ziel’s RF Technology: Ziel receives the first EU GMP approval for microbial control in cannabis using Radio Frequency technology.
  2. Significance of GMP in the EU: GMP certification is a strict requirement for cannabis importers, producers, and exporters in the EU, reflecting a high standard of product processing.
  3. Advantages of Radio Frequency Over Ionizing Radiation: RF is a non-ionizing, organic-compliant process, avoiding additional labeling and lengthy registration processes required for ionizing radiation-treated cannabis.
  4. Strategic Positioning in the EU Cannabis Market: This certification positions Ziel to meet the growing demand for microbial control in the European cannabis industry.
  5. Innovative RFX Technology: The RFX, introduced in 2023, is highly efficient in cannabis processing, maintaining the unique properties of different strains.

Ziel’s Groundbreaking Radio Frequency Technology in Cannabis Microbial Control

Achieving GMP Certification in the EU

Ziel’s Radio Frequency (RF) technology has been recognized with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certification for controlling microbial pathogens in cannabis flowers. This certification, under the European Medicines Agency (EMA), is crucial for all entities dealing with cannabis in the European Union (EU), indicating compliance with the highest standards in product processing.

Advantages of Radio Frequency Technology

RF technology, being non-ionizing, is compliant with organic processes and does not require the stringent additional labeling and licensing mandatory for ionizing radiation methods like X-ray, gamma, and e-beam. This makes RF a more streamlined and cost-effective option for cannabis decontamination in the EU, particularly in markets like Germany, which have lengthy and costly registration processes for ionizing radiation-treated cannabis.

Impact on the EU Cannabis Market

The GMP certification of Ziel’s RF technology marks a significant milestone for the company and the EU cannabis industry. This approval facilitates a clear pathway for cultivators and processors to integrate microbial control into their operations, which is crucial for participating in the rapidly growing European cannabis market.

The RFX: A New Solution in Cannabis Processing

Introduced at the MJBiz Conference in Las Vegas in 2023, Ziel’s next-generation cannabis microbial control solution, the RFX, boasts a high pass rate and industry-leading volume throughput. The technology is particularly suited for organic cannabis cultivation, preserving the unique enzymatic properties of different cannabis strains.

Collaboration and Design Excellence

The RFX represents a collaboration between Ziel and STALAM, a leading manufacturer of RF equipment. Its design, crafted by Ammunition Group under the leadership of former Apple industrial design director Robert Brunner, combines sleek aesthetics with functional excellence.

Unique Process and Benefits

Ziel’s proprietary process, patented for treating cannabis with RF technology, involves oscillating water molecules to generate consistent heat, effectively reducing microbial presence without compromising the quality of the cannabis flower. This process represents a significant innovation in treating agricultural products, including cannabis.