Challenges Importing or Cultivating Cannabis in Europe?

Familiarize Yourself with a Radio Frequency Solution for Mold Issues

Cannabis regulatory compliance is shifting away from ionizing radiation (X-ray) mold treatment toward an organic, non-ionizing and more cost-effective solution—Radio Frequency (RF).

RF uses a thermal process to kill mold and pathogens, and unlike X-ray, E-beam or gamma radiation – all ionizing technologies - it doesn’t change the molecular structure of the plant. Instead, it activates the plant’s water molecules, causing them to oscillate and generate enough heat to kill microbes with minimal impact on cannabinoid and terpene content.

This organic, non-chemical approach is an ideal solution for budding European markets, most of which follow a pharmaceutical model with standards based on European Union Good Manufacturing Processes (EU GMP). Based on this model, Germany has already established that any medicinal products treated with ionizing radiation technologies must receive an AMRadV license. The process to secure this license can take up to 18 months and costs EUR 5,000 per strain.

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