Germany Cannabis Exporting/Importing Requirements

Germany Set To Replace Canada as Largest Legal Cannabis Market in the World

In April 2023, after talks with EU lawmakers, Germany announced its plans for cannabis legalization. Though these plans are not as accelerated as many hoped, they pave a clear pathway for Germany to replace Canada as the largest legal cannabis market in the world within the next decade.

Included in this first round of recreational legislation are state-controlled, non-profit social clubs that can cultivate and sell cannabis to a limit of 500 members, similar to Spain’s current adult-use structure. Individuals are also allowed to grow up to three plants of their own.Germany also included plans to authorize a limited number of dispensaries in certain cities for the next five years. During that time, officials and regulators will study the impact of these shops on the country’s consumption habits and black market activity before determining the next step in nationwide cannabis legalization.