Chapter 6

When bags are treated, it is normal for there to be condensation. However, we want to make sure all this moisture is absorbed back into the product. Never open the bags until they cool to the point where no moisture can be seen. This usually occurs within 3 or 4 hours, but we recommend opening the bags after 24 hours.

Post Treatment

After the equalization process is complete, the bags may be opened, and product returned to bulk storage or continue on to final packaging. If you wish to go directly to final packaging, it is best to allow the treatment bag to equalize for 48 hours. This allows all moisture to be reabsorbed evenly throughout the product. Think of it as a secondary cure.

After treatment it is important to remember we have killed most of the microbial life and need to handle the material in a way to prevent contamination.

Only put product in clean containers, don’t leave it exposed to open air, always wear gloves when handling, and follow your company’s guidelines for clean handling of product.

It is best practice to keep product stored in a cool, dark place after treatment. The colder, the better.