Colombia Approves Cannabis Flower for Export

Why Radio Frequency is the Ideal Remediation for the Colombian Market

With 12 hours of sun year-round, Colombia is an ideal growing environment for large-scale outdoor cultivation.  However, growing outdoors also creates risk - opportunities for microbial pathogens to flourish.  And how do you move high volumes of flower through a remediation solution efficiently and effectively?

Ziel’s radio frequency solution with APEX efficiently solves these problems, allowing cultivators to meet microbial regulatory compliance standards for export markets.  With 3X the throughput of competing technologies, you won’t experience operational bottlenecks.  And APEX also has the lowest-cost remediation solution per kilogram, keeping your operating costs down.

Colombia primarily exports to the EU, which favors non-ionizing technologies. Read more about the growing Colombian market, their microbial regulations, and why Ziel’s Radio Frequency remediation is the ideal solution for cultivators seeking to export to the EU.